Double Fleck Stitch Dishcloth

Double Fleck Stitch Dishcloth

Designer :Kit Zerbe, This pattern is taken from 450 Knitting Stitches (The Harmony Guides, Volume 2), p. 19.
Materials: One pair size US7/4.5mm straight knitting needles
One skein cotton worsted weight yarn.
Two ring markers

Difficulty: Easy


Cast on 40 sts.
Work 3 rows of garter st. (knit every row). Work first 3 sts. and last 3 sts. of every row in garter st. for the borders. These sts. are included in the cast on and pattern.

Row 1: (RS) K3, place marker, K34, place marker, K3.
Row 2: K3, slip marker, P4, *K2, P4*; repeat between *s. End P4, slip marker, K3
Row 3: K3, slip marker, K34, slip marker, K3
Row 4: K3, slip marker, P1 *K2, P4*; repeat between *s. End P1, slip marker, K3

Repeat these 4 rows for a total of 52 rows.
Work 4 rows garter stitch.
Bind off and weave in all ends.

Thank you Kit for sharing your lovely pattern.

Copyright 2000 Kit Zerbe. This pattern may be copied for personal use only and may not be posted to any other web site without the designers permission.

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